"I THINK  I SEE A                                                               GLIMMER - -"  

- Sondheim, Into The Woods


Please complete the application form and we will contact you. New registration Fees of $300 are due at time of Agreement acceptance.   


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Registration Fees can be eTransferred to or paid by cheque once your Agreement has been completed. NOTE: Make sure you fill out the entire application form before clicking on Submit. If you partially fill out an application it will not be properly submitted. 

B.C. Residents:

B.C. residency, which includes both the student and legal guardian, must be proven for the Ministry of Education and a copy of required documents must be kept in our files. We require copies of a legal guardian’s B.C. Drivers License and copies of the legal guardian and student’s B.C. Medical Card, Birth Certificate, and a declaration of B.C. residency is required as well for the student file.

If a student is staying with a relative in B.C. but with parents or guardians in other provinces, there must be a legal transfer of legal guardianship to the relative living in B.C. for residency tuition fees to be in effect. If there is no legal guardian living in B.C. for the student attending school Non-Resident Canadian tuition fees apply.