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After School camp is a mixture of play and create. Kids love to be able to explore with a number of materials including Lego, play dough, paints, markers and computers. Always plan to get messy, as we don't have a set calendar for our activities. Kids do love to get messy and our creative studio time will allow just that! While the projects are often open ended and child led, there will be a fun peek at some of the masters, musicians and innovators of the modern world sprinkled in.  Thursdays you can find us in the computer lab. So, bring your favourite paint shirt and join the fun!


3:30 - 5:00


$14 a day or $220 a month.    

CreAtive ArTs
For Your

Small Performance Space Project


We are building a small performance creative hub venue that invites the community into our school for an affordable and comfortable space for music, theatre, spoken word, theatre in the round, runway, practice and training or conference uses. Truly multi-purpose and truly a Studio9/Community Partnership to better the performance opportunity for youth in the arts as well as adult groups who are too small for the larger venues and want/need to grow their fan base at a cost they can afford. The latest Kelowna Cultural Plan talks specifically about the need for small performance, practice, training and meeting venues for the arts. We are trying to do our part while enhancing youth arts education. We are part of the community wanting to share assets of the school. Please contribute what you can. 


If you want to take on a larger sponsorship role call us at 250-868-8816