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June Show 2021

Studio9 School of the Arts in Kelowna has reached an agreement with Vancouver author Celeena Saysni Antonio to use her new children’s book 2020 Baby for the basis of our multi-arts performance in June. Students are brainstorming and collaborating on ways to bring the spirit of the book to life from June 7th to 11th. 


Students will be producing original music, choreography, spoken word poetry, visual art, and theatrical performances for the June show. Like Celeena’s book, the purpose is to show the light at the end of the tunnel and life b beyond 2020 featuring the ingenuity of the new generation. Studio9 focuses on collaborative original student art usually focused on local and world issues.


If you want to be an Arts Sponsor for this event, message me from this site
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Science Through The Arts

Ms. Dunwoody's grade 8 and 9 Science classes were putting their core subject learning into art forms in February as part of our learning through the arts curriculum. Here the grade 9 students are doing a play on meiosis and mitosis. All you wanted to know ion a short play. Click on the image you will link to our YouTube channel for the video.  

Grandma and the Pirates

Grade 10 - 12 Theatre Comp-any class performed a short play for the younger students called Grandma and the Pirates from a children's book of the same name.  With COVID restrictions we cannot invite the public in but we love live performances so much we just have to do it. Our schoolmates appreciate it.  Mr. Facey and his students had fun with it as we work through the winter months and need a "lift up". 

All About STEAM

STEAM does not stand for hot air....oh no.  It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. To be a true learning through the arts school where arts courses and core courses often intersect, then STEAM has to be a large factor. Here the students can tell you exactly what is about. For the video click on the image or the link below. 

Robotics Game Boards
Robotic Board Games.png

Some hands-on learning and creative thinking in the 6-7 Robotics class.  The essential question can you make a board game about concepts in robotics?  The class groups came up with three different concepts. Then everyone got to try out each other's games and they invited others in to try them out as well. 

Zoom Christmas
Zoom Christmas.png

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 at Studio9 School of the Arts decided they still wanted to do the traditional caroling for parents even though it could not happen live this year. Enter Mr. Zoom....and a few video add ons. Miss Sandi's class rewrote the lyrics to white Christmas with a 2020 flair. We Zoomed the entire concert to the parents in elementary grades. 

June Show 2021

Our Grads got their ceremony

It was important for Studio9 to honour our grads for their 13 years of hard work and to send them off to post-secondary arts and college pursuits with a bang.  After consulting with local health authorities, we made it work and our grads were ecstatic.

Kindergarten Grad 2020

Looking back through the year

Meet our delightful Baby Zoomers! The Kindy Class of 2020 had to overcome their first and hopefully last worldwide pandemic. Throughout the year they learned how to collaborate, enjoyed music, performed in front of live audiences, created beautiful paintings, danced their hearts out, made new friends, and started their Studio9 journey into learning through the arts. 

Environmental Game

Games by Miss Molly

During her self isolation, due to Covid19, Miss Molly hands in her school project that shows her game creation skills, while keeping our environment in mind. This game looks to be a lot of fun!

Project-based learning, from classes-on-Zoom, at it's finest.  

Alisha Keyes Sends a Very Special Message

Thank You to Our Staff

When our CEO texted Alisha Keyes, he was surprised to get a message back!

Layla's music class assignment

Lip Sync/Sing During Covid. When Will My Life begin.

Watch Layla Lip Sync/singing/acting her assignment from home during Covid isolation. Super cute!

Spooky Animations with the Grade 2/3's!

Students drew a landscape with a foreground, middle ground, and background. They added details and used skills of overlapping and horizontal line. They painted their landscapes with watercolour paints. Afterward, students drew animated characters on the iPads using the DOINK app while learning the terms opaque and transparency. They animated their characters over their landscapes by layering the digital version of their painting under their semi-transparent or opaque characters. They created a path and added rotations in their clip.

Collaboration Day!

Students, core teachers, and arts teachers collaborate to produce art events based on core subjects.

Yellow Submarine on Stage

The first time "The Sub" has parked on a local stage

With a Beatles songbook in hand and a first of its kind script, the students of Studio9 designed the show top to bottom with set designs, make-up, costume plans, logistics, and even getting involved in putting the Playbill together. With adult/teacher mentoring they brought this show to the Kelowna Mary Irwin Theatre for three evenings and two matinees putting 100 students on or around the stage in song, dance, comedy and acting. Having a school wide performance week is important to the learning Through the Arts curriculum at Studio9 and a special teamwork is developed student to student and staff to staff, as well as any combination of the above. The audiences loved it for the colour, the music, the costumes and the fun.

Singing with The Tenors

Studio9 Student Choir

Under the direction of Sandi Mottle (Deschner) 18 Studio9 students Grade 2 to 8 sang and harmonized with the world renowned Tenors on November 29, 2018 at their Home for the Holidays concert at Prospera Place in Kelowna before over 4 thousand people.  This song is Santa's Wish and students learned Hallelujah and Oh Holy Night.

Student Tours You Through Studio9

Take a look inside the doors at Studio9 School of the Arts and see what students see

Studio9 School of the Arts is different from other schools.  Besides all of our electives being Arts, we have a special community and student bond to their school, their teachers and their projects. We enlisted Castanet News to take an outsider look at the school for a fresh perspective and they produced a series o0f videos for their site. Click Here

Our Future Our World 2018

Original Student Music, Lyrics, Poetry and Dance

In Just 4 months students at Studio9 School of the Arts (in addition to doing regular school class work) wrote original lyrics and poetry, learned their instruments, put lyrics to music, learned choreography and then performed it all live. The Theme Our Future Our World.  This is a compilation of numbers from the K-1's to the Grade 12's. Their poetry have been published in a book and also been put Online at the share site NoiseTrade. Hope you clicked this link:)

Tour of Studio9 in Japanese

James International Export Co. has produced a cool Studio9 tour for potential international students

Emi Mori of James International has international student Hana Kondo show you a day in her life at Studio9 as well as what else is going on in the school.

Tech Day!

Tech day is a busy day for setting each segment of the show for lighting, sound and blocking..

Free The Word 2016

Spoken Word, Poetry & Music

Studio9 School of the Arts students in Kelowna perform on the theme of Social Change...I am me...and I count! Make a change in your world because you can. #socialchange150 start the conversation.

Thrill The World 2018

90 Dancers celebrated Thrill the World Day with dancers around the world dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller. We raised money and food for the Salvation Army Christmas drive

TTW is more than just dancing to a 6 minute song. This is a global community project that is inspiring others to break down barriers, connect with people of all religions, race, political and economic persuasions, contribute to helping humanity, encourage environmental stewardship and encourage people to step up as leaders, visionaries, and creators.

Our Zombies took over Stuart Park in Downtown Kelowna, October 27th to dance Thriller with the world at exactly 3:00 p.m.

Studio9 Music Wall

Music Wall Drumming

Zac Gauthier, drum teacher, plays the newly installed Music wall on the entrance to Studio9 School of the Arts (K - 12) in Kelowna B.C. and

Chaos of Theatre "James and the Giant Peach 2016"

Student Film Project

The students of Studio9 Independent School of the Arts in Kelowna, BC, Canada, had a great time putting together performances of James and the Giant Peach in June 2016. We call it Chaos of Theatre because of the creative chaos that happens as actors, singers, dancers and stage crew grow and mature during the theatre process.

Show Rehearsal and Readiness at Studio9 School of the Arts

As theatre show time approaches it gets very busy with full rehearsals, sets, props, and costumes. This is a short moving picture of a May afternoon at Studio9 School of the Arts in Kelowna

Studio9 at Inspired Word Cafe Shaw April 28 2016

Teacher Heather Crown and several students were the invited guests for a regular Inspired Word Cafe taping on Shaw TV in Kelowna. From poems on Word, iPhones, and Middle School to music, Heather, and her students performed their work to an appreciative crowd.

Studio9 School of the Arts Kelowna

Imagine a School... (short version)

An school introduction and overview. See how much creative juices flow at Studio9 and how we make education exciting!

Free The Word 2015

Students produce original spoken word poetry and/or songs from Creative Writing class and performed them March 5, 2015 at the Kelowna Streaming Cafe. This was presented to a live audience as well as streamed live online. The compositions came with mentoring from Kelowna Inspiration Word Cafe and the entire process/event was sponsored by ArtStarts and SOCAN Foundation.  Students wrote poems and lyrics in Creative Writing. They wrote and practiced the music in Band classes.

Zoe - Hallelujah

Zoe Welch, Studio9 School of the Arts in Kelowna, singing Hallelujah in the summer of 2015.

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