Project Based Learning

Tell me and I’ll forget:

show me and I may remember:

 involve me and I’ll 


Brainstorm - Design - Implement - Analyze - Present

There has to be a better way to learn than traditional learning with “teacher talk”, notes, homework and tests… and repeating that  all year long. There is, and, we have been successful with it for years. It’s called Project Based Learning.

Rather than just memorize or repeat the information, why not use it on a project the student designs him or herself? Let student imagination, problem solving and critical thinking take over to find ways to take the knowledge and show how it can work in a real world project or in an art based project?

Learn heat transfer by cooking an egg using the sun. How would you show that in a project? Think about it. Try it. There are many ways you could prove heat transfer using the sun to cook your egg and once you try your plan out, you will remember it forever. Even if it didn’t work, you could figure out why it didn’t work and present that to the class.

That is what learning is about. It’s about imagining, thinking, planning, trying, analyzing and then telling others about it (presenting).

At Studio9, that is how students learn, how we teach and how students can also teach us.  Learning experience with project application rather than just a simple transfer of facts and process.

See what we mean.

Post Secondary institutions and employers are looking for thinkers and innovators, not just information purveyors. As an example; If you are a Sportscaster, it is not good enough just to know the stats off by heart for every player, you have to be able to communicate and connect with your listeners. Employers want thinkers, problem solvers, and inventors so they can stay competitive in a shrinking world. Project Based Learning teaches and refines those skills. Students have permission to try and try again. Take safe risks. To imagine and try to make their idea work. Nothing good ever happened without someone using their imagination and then finding a way to make it reality.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.    Einstein, Albert – 

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