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Studio9 School of the Arts being an affordable independent school opportunity for students and families who need the arts in their daily learning lives, is always seeking sponsorships, donations and gifting to enhance and build the great arts programming that is uniquely Studio9.

Sponsorships can include our public theatre, music, dance or visual arts shows as well as individual arts programming in the school. Your dollars or goods given to Studio9 are rewarded with advertisements in programs, placement on our in school digital screens, placement in newsletters and placement on this website as you can see on the footer of all of our pages.

The really great thing about sponsorship for business owners is that it is advertising/promotion and equates to a business expense for tax purposes.

Donations are of course treated differently. Studio9 Independent School of the Arts Society is not only a B.C. non profit group but also a registered charity in Canada. That allows us to issue tax receipts for donations of goods, services and of course cash. This has been used by a variety of private donors giving musical instruments, computers, televisions, trades services, professional services and cash.

Contact us at if you are an interested Studio9 School of the Arts donor or supporter. We love to form community and business partnerships to further arts in education and developing creative young minds.

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