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Creativity and a Growth Mindset

The following is an excerpt from an article from "The Grove."

Creativity is a human capacity that is malleable and expandable and requires a growth mindset.

If you want to create meaningful services, products, works of art, books, systems, or leave a memorable legacy in your job, you need to have the willingness to try something new, even if it can result in failure. You also have to be disciplined and be willing always to keep learning. These are characteristics of someone who lives with a growth mindset.

Seventy-five years ago, when Betty Woodman began making clay custard cups, she never imagined that she’d forever change how ceramics are perceived in the art world. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1930, Woodman started her career as a functional potter in high school, falling in love with the medium of clay. She pushed its boundaries and herself all the way to a retrospective at The Met Museum in 2006, alongside representation by some of the most prestigious galleries in the United States and the satisfaction of having merged crafts and contemporary art in a way nobody else had done before. Peter Schjeldahl, the notable art critic for The New Yorker, called her “beyond original, all the way to sui generis”.

Woodman was an artist fueled and fed by a growth mindset.


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