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Our story 

Our mission & vision statement

"Where Education Meets the Arts"   - Studio9 uses the arts to engage students and enhance their learning opportunities in a school community that values creativity, acceptance, inclusiveness, respect, safety, and passion. Uniting the arts with exceptional core curriculum and project-based learning, we provide an enhanced learning environment where students are challenged to collaborate, focus, critically think, problem solve, persevere and be accountable. Studio9’s mission is not to develop more great artists but rather to help develop great people. 

Independent schools are funded through tuition, government grants and fundraising. To that end, we encourage donations of any size in cash, services, and goods. Please consider being a Studio9 Donor. The link to donate is at the bottom of every page.

Studio9 School of the Arts is purposefully designed to link the artistic side with the academic side in creating new learning opportunities that unfold in colour rather than black & white. The combination of learning through the arts, project-based learning and enhanced academics foster an atmosphere of new discoveries and new learning opportunities not confined to what has already been done. Students collaborate together to create amazing things and support each other along the way. Teachers collaborate with each other to mentor and support student learning. We are not here to only help develop great artists but exist to help develop great people. Through the arts, we can learn so much.


We value Acceptance • Creativity • Inclusiveness • Respect • Community • Education• Passion • Safety

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