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From music remakes to original music the band class is a collaboration project at its purest as students work to use the music theory and skills taught to produce music for a number of live public shows throughout the year. Music is intended to be heard and we make sure it is with at least two public events each school year as well as in video and posted recordings.


From "Free the Word" a combination of slam poetry and music to themed music and dance shows, to parade performances, the students work together to produce performances to remember. Free the Word poems might turn into lyrics for their next song or they might be taking music tied to a school-wide curriculum theme, such as "Social Justice", and remaking it for a show that features their music in a forum addressing "Social Justice".


The music creations change based on crossing curriculum lines with Social's, English, Drama, Art, Science or Digital Arts each year and the new school themes chosen each year. It means while Band is a music program on its own, there is a larger role in the creative process across the school. 

Music is what feelings Sound Like

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