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ROCKWELL Patricia.jpg


Patricia fell in love with the arts as a very small child. After many years practicing her love of the visual arts, through painting and drawing, she turned her talents to the stage. It was there, she spent countless hours honing her skills in set painting, prop & set building, stage managing & lighting. Patricia also created a successful 25 year business operating a daycare before moving on to teaching visual art to young students during the afternoons and weekends. Having trained at Okanagan College for Web Design, she fell in love with the graphic design elements of the web. In her free time, she enjoys visual art, walking, biking, and baking.

TRITES Cadence.jpg


Cadence started painting, sculpting, drawing, and crafting at a very young age. She won the only visual arts bursary at OKM upon graduation and went on to study drawing and art history in university. Cadence graduated from UBC with a BA in Psychology and from UVic with a BEd Distinction prior to teaching visual arts courses to students from three to eighteen years old. Cadence previously held the positions of Art Adventures and Preschool Arts Coordinator/Teacher at the Kelowna Art Gallery from 2001-2006 and Head of the Visual Art Department at the Glenfir School from 2001-2003 prior to joining the Vedanta Academy/Studio 9 team in 2004. She continues to do acrylic painting, sketching, and crafts in her leisure time.

IVANY Jessica.jpg


Full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas for the K – 1 classrooms,  Jessica is famous for costumes and coloured hair for every possible occasion of the year, from the usual like St Patrick’s Day, to the Cat in the Hat’s birthday. Active, creative, artsy learning is her trademark. She studied and graduated at UBCO with a bachelors degree in education prerequisites in science. Her hobbies and interests include horseback riding, cooking and nature (anything outdoors).

IVANY Marsha_edited.jpg


Marsha is a veteran teacher with experience in grades K-7, as well as teaching for 5 years in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. She has a Bachelor of Education (UBC), a Diploma in Special Education and a Masters Degree in Education (SFU) specializing in Children’s Literature. Marsha loves the career that chose her and looks forward to each day with passion and excitement. She believes children need to be acknowledged for whom they are. For them to grow academically and socially, they should be recognized for their positive efforts. Her classroom focus is on making Global connections through technology, building a successful collaborative environment and using authentic learning activities that will help children reach their ultimate potential.

BOCKING Roxann.jpg


Ms. B grew up in Kelowna and graduated from KSS.  As a child, she loved to be the “teacher” when playing.  Ms B has a Bachelor of Education (Simon Fraser University) with minors in Learning Disabilities, Psychology, History, and Environmental Education. In addition, Ms. B is a certified Orton Gillingham tutor and has recently completed a Certificate in Inclusive Education at UBCO.  She loves learning about learning and likes to keep up with current research to have the most positive educational impact possible on her students.  Ms. B is always looking for ways to make projects/activities/learning more enjoyable for each unique student, with the hope that they will become life long learners.  Her class has fun raising kokanee and making a classroom quilt each year.  In her spare time, she enjoys her Book Club, walking, bike riding, skiing, bridge, and time spent with family.



Italian British Settler / She-Her / 1990 / Debert, Mi’kma’ki

Jesse lives passionately as an educator, arts facilitator and self taught artist. She moved to Kelowna in the summer of 21’ from The Maritimes and was beyond delighted when hired for the role as teacher on call at Studio9. She is now working her dream position as the grade 6/7 homeroom teacher. Jesse spent the previous 5 years as a substitute teacher for the HRCE, facilitating at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia as well as Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. She also volunteered with the Red Clay Studio Society board from 2018-2020 in programming and as head of the communications committee, helping organize the White and Black Rabbit Arts Festivals. When Jesse is not working she is immersed in nature drawing, reading and researching or cooking elaborate treats.

DUNWOODY Laura.jpg


Laura has been working at Studio9 since 2008 in the math and science department. She has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science in Honours Physics and Math from UBC, graduating near the top of her class in both Physics and Math. During the year, Laura enjoys examining rocks on Mt. Boucherie, playing with dry ice, graphing beautiful drawings with mathematical functions, and dressing like a mad scientist at every opportunity. Laura learned to sew clothing from her mother, and she learned to design clothing during her time with Studio9.  Laura is renowned for her awesome Halloween costume designs, and she lends her skills to costume creation here at the school.

CROWN Heather.jpg


Heather has been at Studio9 since 2012, spending most of her time teaching English and Social Studies. She has taken on the role of producer for the year-end shows. More recently, she has become interested in curriculum studies and the graduation years program and assessments. Her background includes a Bachelor of Arts in English (with a minor in psychology) and a Bachelor of Education. When not working, she enjoys yoga, mindfulness, gardening, poetry, and painting.   

DESCHNER Sandi.jpg


Sandi is a singer/songwriter/musician, who’s career has spanned the mediums of radio, television, recording studio and stage. She has performed across North America, including a recent one woman Bette Midler tribute show she performed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sandi has sang in a number of local bands and has had her own vocal coaching business for many years. Her father, John Deschner, owned and operated Paramount Music in Kelowna and was well known for his Big Band. Sandi has a love of vocal groups and harmonies and loves to help children develop an appreciation of music and achieve their goals.

WOOLHEAD Kristin.jpg
Welch, Zoe-2_edited.jpg


Kristin is in her wheelhouse teaching Visual Art to Grades K-12, having both a degree in Visual Art and in Visual Arts Education.  She joined the Studio9 team in 2021, and moved to Kelowna only a few years prior before having ever visited the city.  Kristin grew up in Saskatchewan, but her favourite place to live was England, where she focused on teaching and travelling.  In Kristin’s free-time she enjoys hiking, making art, cuddling her cat, and leading a micro-church alongside her husband.


Zoe is not only our dance/drama instructor, but one of Studio9's alumni as well. Outside of Studio9, Zoe is a professional dancer, a film actress, and a published musician and singer who's released her own EP.

GREAVETTE Shawna.jpg


This is Shawna’s seventh year as a teaching assistant at Studio9. She fell in love with the school during her practicum for the Human Service Work diploma program, which she graduated from in 2017. This year she is working with the K/1, 2/3, and 4/5 classes. She is also taking university classes with the goal of obtaining a Bachelor of Education so she can be a teacher one day (at Studio9, of course)! In her free time, she loves playing with her two cats, painting, and writing.

BUCK Simon.jpg


This year, Simon is with the grade 10/11/12 class. He holds a BA in French and Spanish with a minor in philosophy from UBCO and received his Education Assistant Certificate from Okanagan College. He has been teaching English as a second language for several years. Simon first started performing music in middle school playing in a Beatles tribute band. In his free time, he enjoys playing jazz drums and piano, learning new languages, and more recently, acrylic painting. 

MADER Zack.jpg


After nearly a decade of customer and technical support roles at companies like Disney and Interior Savings, Zack decided to dedicate his highly developed skills and service experience to something with purpose — working with students and educators! September of 2023 marks his fourth year aiding the staff, students, and parents of Studio9. 


When Zack isn’t at Studio9, he can usually be found spending time with friends, family, and his pet cats, Alice and Tiny. When it comes to creative endeavours, Zack is a published board game designer and music producer, and enjoys singing and writing too!

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