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B.C. Residents:


B.C. residency which includes both the student and legal guardian must be proven for the Ministry of Education and a copy of the required documents must be kept in our files. We require copies of a legal guardian’s B.C. Drivers License and copies of the legal guardian and student’s B.C. Medical Card. A declaration of B.C. residency is required as well for the student file.

If a student is staying with a relative in B.C. but with parents or guardians in other provinces, there must be a legal transfer of legal guardianship to the relative living in B.C. for residency tuition fees to be in effect. If there is no legal guardian living in B.C. for the student attending school Non-Resident Canadian tuition fees apply.



  • Kindergarten to Grade 5 • $5,600.00 per year plus annual fees listed below

  • Grade 6 & 7 • $5,900.00  per year plus annual fees listed below

  • Grade 8 to 12 • $6,200.00 per year plus annual fees listed below


  • Non B.C. Resident – Canadian • $10,000 per year plus annual fees listed below

  • Non B.C. Resident International - Contact us for information for agents or individuals on fees. **Note - International seats are limited

  • Non B.C. Resident International • $250.00 per week  short-stay international minimum 3 weeks and only as available


Homestay, school supplies and insurance not included in these fees.

Special Education Students


Special Education Supplemental Funding for any designation cannot be used to pay tuition fees.  It is important to note that the Ministry of Education regulations say that supplemental funds are not targeted to individual students. Funding is provided to meet the unique needs of all students and schools/districts have the autonomy to determine how resources are allocated to meet those needs within the school system.


Tuition Fees are due in full July 1st of each year for September enrolment unless payment plans, which are listed below, are arranged. These plans begin July 1st and end in June of the school year (12 months), with the first payment due July 1st. There are interest fees on payment plans and additional fees if credit cards are used as payment for either quarterly or monthly instalments.


Withdrawals and Dismissals: In the event, a student withdraws from Studio9, all fees shall be pro-rated 90 days beyond the date of written notice given and paid in full prior to the last day the student is in attendance.



School Fees:

  • Additional Annual Fees

  • Due with enrolment document signing in order to be considered “registered”

  • Yearbook fee (1 per family) $50.00 (additional Yearbooks should be purchased at registration to ensure supply)

  • Performance fee (per child) $50.00

  • Cultural Fee (Per Child) $35.00

  • Middle School Activity Fee (Per Child) $45.00

  • Outdoor Ed fee (per child) $50.00

  • Grads – Grad Fee (per grad) $200.00 (for grad ceremony professional group photo and individual sitting fee)

  • **NOTE - there may be other admission, field trip or special program fees as they come up


Discounts and Payment Plans


Family Discount – Applies to children in the same family living in the same household 

On Tuition Portion Only – Based on  full tuition for the first child at the highest grade level and 20% discounts on equal or lesser amounts, for all subsequent children in the same household. 


Payment by Instalments – For families paying on monthly or quarterly instalments a 5%  Administration Fee is applied because we must carry the set-up costs and education costs for a child starting from July 1st. See the Office Manager for specific information on additional payment plans. If credit cards are used to pay tuition, there is an additional service fee charge based on current credit card company fees.


Special Needs Students - For students with learning or developmental issues, a recent Psych Ed is required for enrolment and placement. A Psych Ed can be arranged by the parents/guardians and supplied prior to enrolment Remember for students writing Foundation Skills Assessments and Provincial Exams, there can be no additional help provided without proof through such an assessment that a need exists.

Student learning needs can only be properly addressed if accurate assessments are completed and followed.


Following the receipt of all application materials, the application will be reviewed and you will be notified within two weeks to come in for a parent/guardian interview and a tour of the facilities. This takes about an hour. Bring as much information about your child/children as you can i.e. Report Cards, Counselor Reports, etc. and a birth certificate, CARE Card etc.


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