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Children's Cooking Class


Culinary Arts is designed around what you might know as the Jamie Oliver Project, where students learn healthy recipes for life based on foods they already like to eat. 


The essential project-based learning question is, "How do we create meals our clients will enjoy using fresh ingredients that are local, environmentally and socially responsible for under $5.00 per meal?"


In answering that question, students study healthy current food preparation techniques and rules and understand client service, food costs, nutritional standards and sustainability. The one question appropriately answered by students in their project production brings considerable skills to the table and allows them to be creative at the same time.

Culinary arts is also an education in customer service, business development, food costing, profit and loss, and cooking creativity. This program, like theatre, music, dance and other arts, puts students into a teamwork environment, with each having a part to play. 

Eating is Necessary, Cooking is an Art

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