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Visual Arts

The Earth Without Art is Just “Eh”


Art is life and life is art. Through our classes, students will learn to unlock their imagination, see the world in new and interesting ways, and tell their own stories through art. Whether it’s painting, sketching, sculpting, or even crafting, pupils at Studio9 will use their experiences to produce creative works that invoke emotion and contemplation. 


At Studio9, everything we create is shared and displayed with pride. We have at least one gallery and one art auction each year.  For the auction, all of our students produce a work that is to be sold publicly, with some pieces being collaborations between multiple individuals. This helps them realize that their talents have real world value, and that their skills can and will be acknowledged by others. It also contributes to our goal of teaching students about Service, Teamwork, Altruism, and Respect, as students work together on the auction to help raise funds for our school's art programs.


Ultimately, at Studio9 it’s not about being able to draw perfectly. Rather, it's about sharing your own perspectives. You are unique, so be unique.

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