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In BC there is an Independent Schools Act that outlines government grants for the various categories of independent school operations. Studio9 School of the Arts is a Category 1 independent school in BC, which provides you with a tuition subsidy that is based on 50% of the per-seat grant allowed in the school's resident public school district. The grant amount is determined each year and can be increased or decreased depending on local public school costs. 

The minimum annual cost of educating a child at Studio9 is almost 3 times the amount of the provincial tuition grant with the remainder of the cost fulfilled with tuition, some donations and school fundraising.  

Tuition fees are reviewed each year but not always increased. Studio9 is a performing arts and project-based learning school and thus has operating costs that are higher than the regular rote-style learning schools. Those costs are often raised through sponsorships, donations and fundraising. That is why it is important that families support these efforts through working on the school parent group POSSE, individual donations, Supporting school fundraising efforts and using your own community circles to find school sponsorships or donations. 

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