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As we value each and every one of our potential students, we aim to provide the best educational experience for a diverse group of individuals. However, due to the unique nature of our program, there are certain essential attributes that we require of Studio9 students. These include:


  1. The desire and ability to work collectively with peers, collaborating on projects and assignments. This includes demonstrating teamwork, leadership, and the ability to effectively communicate with classmates.

  2. The willingness to participate to the best of their ability in all of our arts classes; this includes visual art, drama, music, dance, and others depending upon grade level. Active participation is mandatory.

  3. The ability to attend school consistently. Attendance is vital to success at Studio9, as the teaching, learning, and collaborating all occur in the classroom setting and most work cannot be sent home to complete.

  4. Arriving on time for school, and staying for full days. Late arrivals/early dismissal means missing the crucial learning, collaborating, and project completion components that are part of our learning through the arts curriculum.

  5. The ability to work at or near grade level. As Studio9 has a smaller population than most schools, we currently do not have a resource room or access to remedial programs designed to benefit students who are academically much further behind than grade level.

  6. Attendance at all after-school performances. Students must participate in Arts in Schools events and our year-end performance; these occur after school hours and may be held at places other than Studio9.

Note: While we are still accepting applications in all grades, we are already waitlisted for some grades in 23/24. When or if spaces become available applicants will be called in the order they are received.  250-868-8816.



Please complete the application form (Link below) and we will contact you.

New registration Fees of $300 will be due at time Signing of an Agreement, you do not need to pay now.  Registration fees can be eTransferred to or paid by cheque once your Agreement has been completed. NOTE: Make sure you fill out the entire application form before clicking on Submit. If you partially fill out an application it will not be properly submitted. 


Bursaries are limited and will need to be applied for through the school office at or call 250-868-8816 and ask for Patricia.

B.C. Residents:​

B.C. residency, which includes both the student and legal guardian, must be proven for the Ministry of Education and a copy of required documents must be kept in our files. We require copies of a legal guardian’s B.C. Drivers License and copies of the legal guardian and student’s B.C. Medical Card, Birth Certificate, and a declaration of B.C. residency is required as well for the student file.

If a student is staying with a relative in B.C. but with parents or guardians in other provinces, there must be a legal transfer of legal guardianship to the relative living in B.C. for residency tuition fees to be in effect. If there is no legal guardian living in B.C. for the student attending school Non-Resident Canadian tuition fees apply.

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