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Theatre Builds Character

When we say theatre builds character, we mean in addition to all the learning, collaboration and fun of theatre, there is such a great personal development process that takes place in reality-based theatre production at Studio9.

WHY MUSICALS? Musicals are the most efficient way to deliver all of the arts disciplines in one package. Singing, acting and dancing introduce young people to music, language arts and physical education. The creation of backdrops, costumes and props engage young people to the visual arts. Computer-driven lights, sound and projections expose young people to the digital arts and provide students with cutting-edge, twenty-first century skills. That’s the power of musical theatre.

The theatre students study theatre technique, process and etiquette while at the same time being part of a school-wide team designing, preparing and presenting a public theatre production. Every student is involved and the theatre students have their roles to perfect and bring to life on the stage, supported by many others


Theatre students will build their skills in class studying script design, theatre history, character development and presentation techniques. Classes will include improv theatre, vocal work, choreography, and smaller performances as needed.


Students audition for main show roles and are cast based on ability and fit for specific characters. Everyone gets a part in the Studio9 productions and every part is as important as the others. Students understand that every part and every action on stage is important and commitment to the roles and processes are key to success. That includes understanding the character/role, practicing, preparing for the stage and being there on time and in character, every time.

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