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Studio9 Board of Directors


Well-informed and passionate about Studio9 and the arts in the Okanagan, our board members work as ambassadors for Studio9. We embrace the value of teamwork by making connections and introductions to generate financial support, partnerships, program opportunities and new leadership, within our businesses, professional and personal networks.



The Board of Directors of Studio9 Independent School of the Arts Society leads the organization in fulfilling its mission, providing superior arts education to the Okanagan, and deepening Studio9’s impact in the community.
The Board of Studio9 has the fundamental responsibility of overseeing Studio9’s  fulfillment  of  its mission to the community. To this end, the Board sets direction for the society, provides financial oversight, establishes policy, and ensures the society’s resources for carrying out its mission.

As a board we are dedicated to upholding Studio9’s constitution:


  • To encourage our students to build their creative spirit by experiencing learning through all of the arts

  • To foster in each child an appreciation of enduring personal and social values such as responsibility, honesty accountability, empathy, and a respect for others and their property

  • To provide activities to stimluate development of each child’s aesthetic and creative abilities

  • To promote a cooperative relationship between parents, teachers, and board to maximize each child’s overall development.

  • To promote youth arts in the greater community.

  • To liaise and cooperate with the local arts community where possible and reasonable.

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