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Studio9 is environmentally sensitive and is involves student to create a vision of care. The list includes projects that are student-led, staff initiated or put in place through administration, as we work as a team to tackle climate change initiatives.

  • Replacing all fluorescent and incandescent light with power-saving LED Lighting

  • Emphasize energy saving and use things like motion sensor switches

  • Using (recycling) an older building

  • Using recycled materials in renovations wherever possible

  • Using green cleaning supplies

  • Upcycling projects in classes to reuse and repurpose

  • Making found/recycled art projects from various materials

  • A complete in-school recycling program for plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, glass, electronics, batteries with Forever Green in Kelowna

  • Recycle computers and appliances

  • Use recycled computers and peripherals in school from BC Technology for Learning Society instead of buying all new

  • Upcycle and reuse costumes for shows as well as source costume materials from used clothing resellers

  • Reuse of materials in set building for shows

  • Source props from donations and thrift stores

  • Considering recycling properties of set and prop materials

  • Utilize a music instrument donation program using used instruments instead of new

  • Use recycle deposit containers for fundraising

  • Installed a high-efficiency furnace/air condition unit.

  • Teach children to plant and grow food

  • Teach students to cook with natural and locally sourced ingredients

  • Have indoor and outdoor gardens

  • Plant with Bee Friendly plants

  • Participate in Bee saving programs

  • Grass cycle in mowing

  • Planting trees on the property through the Kelowna Neighbourwoods program

  • Composting on-site

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