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Kudos for Using New Curriculum

Studio9 School of the Arts in Kelowna has received a commendation from the B.C.

Ministry 2016 Evaluation Team for leading the way in implementing the new British

Columbia curriculum. Studio9 has implemented the new curriculum from

Kindergarten to Grade 12 well ahead of the prescribed ministry schedule.

The ministry team in it’s report states; The EEC recognizes Studio9 for:

- Their enthusiasm as early adopters of the new curriculum, one year ahead of


• their clear, concise policies.

Studio9 Principal, Cadence Trites says, “Staff were excited to see the new

curriculum drafts come in last year and took no time at all rewriting our curriculum.”

She adds “It fits right in with the arts focussed and project based learning school that

Studio9 has been built on.”

Studio9 Independent School of the Arts Society CEO Michael Guzzi is very pleased

that the school has been acknowledged for its innovation. “We have such innovative

and caring staff who see the new curriculum as such a bonus for our project based

and arts learners” Guzzi adds, “The teachers and contractors have worked as a

team to use cross curricular themes across all the core and arts subjects with

amazing student results.”

Society President, Kevin Purnell has applauded the staff and management at

Studio9 for embracing change and innovation. Purnell says, “I expected the faculty

would do a great job, because they have always been leaders in education

innovation. It has been life changing for a number of our students.”

For more information on the new B.C. Curriculum you can go online to

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