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The Inclusive Classroom - Studio9

One of the values at Studio9 School of the Arts is "Inclusiveness" So what does that mean to us?

An inclusive classroom is a learning environment that values and respects the diversity of its students. It is a place where every student feels welcomed, supported, and included regardless of their background, abilities, or differences. Here are some characteristics of an inclusive classroom:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: An inclusive classroom recognizes and embraces the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities of its students. It ensures that every student feels valued and respected for who they are.

  2. Flexible Learning: An inclusive classroom offers a variety of learning opportunities to meet the needs and abilities of every student. It recognizes that students have different learning styles and provides options for how they can demonstrate their learning.

  3. Positive Classroom Climate: An inclusive classroom promotes a positive and supportive classroom climate where every student feels safe to express their opinions and ask questions without fear of ridicule or discrimination.

  4. Collaborative Learning: An inclusive classroom encourages collaborative learning where students work together and learn from each other. It provides opportunities for students to share their experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

  5. Universal Design for Learning: For instance, students may be able to create a podcast, a play, a painting, or a video to show what they know. They may even be allowed to draw a comic strip. There are tons of possibilities for completing assignments as long as students meet the lesson goals.

  6. Culturally Responsive Teaching: An inclusive classroom practices culturally responsive teaching that recognizes and respects the cultural backgrounds and experiences of its students. It integrates diverse perspectives and experiences into the curriculum to create a meaningful and relevant learning experience for every student.

Overall, an inclusive classroom is one that recognizes and values the diversity of its students and creates a learning environment that supports their academic and social-emotional growth. It is good to celebrate our diverse backgrounds rather than try to change or ignore them. Diversity is the spice of creativity, especially in an art focussed, project-based learning environment like Studio9 School of the Arts.


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