At a time when there is more anxiety and depression medication given children, than any other, isn't it great to find a school where children can be themselves and feel good in their own skin. What Studio9 offers beyond the arts and enhanced new BC curriculum academics, is the opportunity for children to be who they really are, instead of forced to be something they are not. Through the Arts and the Studio9 philosophy the individual, creative, inquisitive and empowered student emerges.

where it is cool to be you where creativity and imagination are everything where it's fun to go to school and learn every day where everyone gets a chance to reach for their dream where you can be yourself and inspire others Where the arts help build your character

Thrill The World

Join us for this annual event! We honour Michael Jackson … Continue reading


September Enrolment Up

We have limited placements available right now for our Kindergarten … Continue reading


Art-S-PalooZa After School Arts Camps

Art-S-Palooza is Afternoon Creative Studio timeĀ for kids 5-12. Join us … Continue reading

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